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Smart Cities
for Good

Smart Cities for Good (SCG) is a research group that aims to solve urban social and environmental challenges through smart city technologies



Goal #1

We aim to advance our fundamental understanding of the complex role of human mobility in people’s exposure to environmental factors and health-promoting environments by using and developing innovative geospatial data science methods


Image by NASA

Smart City 

  • Innovative Geospatial Data Science Methods

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Geospatial Big Data

  • Smart Sensor 

  • High-performance Computing

  • Internet of Things (IoT)


  • Director: Dr. Junghwan Kim (Virginia Tech)

  • Members:

    • Fabiha Rahman (M.S. Geography Student, Virginia Tech)​

    • Zach Sherman (M.S. Geography Student, Virginia Tech)

    • Shashank Karki (M.S. Geography Student, Virginia Tech)

    • Abdul-Azeez Ademola Lawal (M.S. Geography Student, Virginia Tech)

    • Andrea Renshaw (VT Small Grains Breeding Program, Virginia Tech)

    • Vaidhyanathan Chandramouli (M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering Student, Virginia Tech)

    • Sophiya Gyanwali (M.S. Geography Student, Virginia Tech)

    • Nami Jain (Undergraduate Student, Virginia Tech)

    • Keegan Miller (Undergraduate Student, Virginia Tech)

    • Will Jones (Undergraduate Student, Virginia Tech)

    • Hardy Siregar (Undergraduate Student, Virginia Tech)

  • Recent Collaborators:​

    • Dr. Jinhyung Lee (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Environment, Western University)​

    • Dr. Kee Moon Jang (Postdoctoral Researcher, Senseable City Lab, MIT)

    • Dr. Ismini Lourentzou (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech)

    • Dr. Brendan David-John (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech)

    • Dr. Gregg Gonsalves (Associate Professor, Yale School of Public Health)

    • Dr. Benjamin Howell (Assistant Professor, Yale School of Medicine)

    • Dr. Mengxi Zhang (Assistant Professor, Department of Health Systems and Implementation Science, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine)

    • Dr. Ruichuan Zhang (Assistant Professor, Myers-Lawson School of Construction, Virginia Tech)

    • Dr. Michael S. Bloom (Professor, Department of Global and Community Health, George Mason University)

    • Dr. Tegwyn Brickhouse (Professor, Department of Dental Public Health & Policy, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry)

Current Research Projects

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